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Organising Group

Meet the PCC officers here. If there is anything you would like to raise at a club level, contact one of the committee members.

Office Bearers

Office Bearers

Garth Pearson – Chair

I started off my time in the outdoors in the mountains and hills using mountain bikes as an easy way to access remote areas.  Many great adventures later I moved to Peebles 15 years ago and found the great trail network and natural routes that we have here. Family followed and my two eldest boys have been involved in the kids club and racing XC and CX for the club. As others have said we are very fortunate to have the network of trails, roads and gravel on our doorstep along with a great local club! 

Andrew Isherwood – Treasurer

I have been cycling around the Tweed Valley since I was in my late teens. Mostly MTB back then. University, my first job and family put the brakes on this until I was in my late thirties.  A few local riders encouraged me back to MTBing which was a regular Thursday night thing for years. Then road biking and time trials got squeezed in. MTBing dipped a fair bit but the PCC weekly time trials featured heavily and still does. Saturday morning rides are a must and I ride with a great bunch of folks who always keep me on my toes.

Blessed with a Wife and two (now grown up kids). PCC has been part of our lives for many years and definitely an enjoyable club to be part of.

John Miroslaw – Secretary

Freedom is riding a bike.  I remember having my first bike, a tricycle and bombing around the local park.  I am still a bit like that, only older and use 2 wheels now!  In the meantime, I have done some track, road and cyclo-cross racing, and time trials.  It was not all racing and I have toured and camped in the Alps, Pyrenees, France, Spain and Iceland.  I must admit that now being retired from work I have become a bit of a fair weather cyclist.  Having moved to Peebles in 2017 I admire the enthusiasm in the club for all things cycling and hope that I can add a bit to it.

Amy Ferry – Welfare Officer

We joined PCC as a family a few years back. While my own riding extends no further than family bike rides, my children both get a lot out of the club – one loving to race competitively and one riding purely for his own enjoyment. I see my role as welfare officer as a way to support the club that my family benefit from and a way to shape the club into whatever our members wish it to be.

General Members

General Members

Kevin Chalmers

Started cycling at 4 years old. Bought my first road bike aged 16 from my first months wages but sold it two years later due to the boredom of long solo rides. Bought my first mountain bike in 1992 whilst simultaneously avoiding anything road-cycling related until 2006.

Moved to Broughton in 2004 and was at Glentress most weekends for about 4 years. However, after first refusing the chance to borrow a friends road bike, a few trips out convinced me that I was missing something……

Many highlights over the years but include: Mountain Biking in the Canadian Rockies in 2000, 10 Under the Ben in 2006, first couple of years of the Etape Caledonia, The Tour of Britain Pre-Ride in 2012 with various PCC members – what an epic day.
Best thing about PCC for me are the time-trials – very addictive. Best thing about cycling in general is the very good friends that I have made over the years and the social side: Cafe stops are an essential part of the fun…….


Caroline Harvey


I am originally from Edinburgh and moved to the Tweed Valley in 2014. I have always had a bike and cycled/commuted in and around Edinburgh. I started mountain biking and doing more road rides when I moved to Innerleithen. I met my now husband Alistair shortly after moving and he introduced me to cyclocross and I have been hooked ever since. I race competitively in the Scottish CX, CX North East, the British Cycling Trophy Series and the National trophy. I have also competed at the World Cx masters in Ipswich, the European Masters at Namur and 3 Peaks cyclocross race.

I am new to being involved in any kind of committee so am starting by trying to help with the social media of the club.

Claire Cameron

I always had a bike as a kid growing up, mainly mucking about on a BMX at that time but then as a teenager and onto Uni, I lost interest and I took up other sports instead. It wasn’t until my early thirties that I got back into cycling. It all started with an old Halfords hybrid as an alternative, quicker and better way to commute to work. It didn’t take long before I was hooked and found a passion for cycling. Once I bought my first road racer, a much lighter and much faster version than my old bike, that’s when I started to get more involved with cycling events. I signed up for various sportives, cycle tours, triathlons, and volunteering for cycling without age, all of which I’m still very passionate about. I’ve only been a member at PCC for only a couple of years now after moving to the Borders and as a recommendation from friends. I enjoy being part of this very welcoming and social cycling club. I’m usually taking part in the club Time Trials and Saturday social rides or the many great social events that the club has to offer.

Ruth Isherwood

I didn’t start cycling until I was 40. I had lived in the Tweed Valley for 11 years and had a husband who was really into mountain biking and my two kids, David who was 8 and Rachel who 5 and who had started mountain biking too. I didn’t want to be the mum sitting at the side watching. I had worn lower discs in my back and the orthopaedic surgeon told me at the age of 30 to not run but biking would be good to strengthen my quad muscles.  I tried mountain biking with Andrew and we nearly got divorced after he took me down the red routes on my first cycle and I went over the handle bars. After that I just went out with another female friend and we did the blue routes for a year and then progressed to red, black routes and a few natural off piste trails. I then tried road biking a few years later.I realised I enjoyed both and made lots of friends and joined loads of female biking groups- Belles on Bikes, Ride Like a Girl, Swift Trails. I entered a few events , not competitions . -The Glentress 7 -A Mountain bike race as a FemaleTrio then again as a female Duo -and some road sportives. I have road cycled in Lanzarote and Mallorca. I have also volunteered as a Marshall at various mountain biking events and sportives. I took early retirement last year and completed the Guided Ride Leaders course run by British cycling. It qualifies you to take a group of up to 8 males and females out on the road on any bike -hybrid,road, electric etc. It is to help build their confidence of riding in a group if they are a little nervous and are not ready to join a cycling club as that can be a bit daunting .

I see my role on the committee to encourage people especially women to join our club and try some of the road rides on a Saturday. I hope by having road riding groups of various speeds with coffee stops this will help. A few years ago I did not want to join the club as there was only one road group which was too fast and scary so I would just go out with my friend. I enjoy helping and organising at the various other events that as a committee we have been trying over the last year.Social rides with lunch, Christmas lunch, first aid courses, road race,  club sportive .

Scott Wardlow

Road Race

Docs for Road race.

Club Policies & Minutes

If you require a copy of the minutes from before 2016 please contact us.

Club Constitution

Club Constitution – changes November 2016

PCC Revised Constitution November 2016

Club Constitution

PCC Constitution July 2014

Governance Policies

Governance Policies

Wellbeing; Protection

Wellbeing & Protection


Leaders Policies

Leaders Policies


Kids Club

Where and When

We meet at the old Hub carpark at 9:45 Saturday morning ready to ride. Here’s a reminder of what you need to carry with you every week.

We take a register and allocate groups,  then each group will do a bike check before we start to make sure that everyone’s bikes are safe to ride.  Parents & carers please stay in this area until after the bike check has been completed so that any problems that the leaders cannot fix there and then can be raised with you.

We’ll then ride for a couple of hours in and around the forest, sometimes focussing on skills, sometimes games and other times just riding.  Returning to the Osprey Watch building for pick up at 12.  We ask parents & carer’s not to wait at the cafe for your kids as it makes it harder for the leaders to keep track of everyone in their group.

Sometimes we run different events, recent examples include a day trip to Drumlanrig, a mini duathlon (complete with Carl’s fabulous catering!) and specific skills training.  As with everything else we’ll keep you posted on the What’s On page and the forum.

Saturday Groups

We have 6 groups: Spokes, Sprockets, Shocks, Stays, Shifters and SPDs (Super Pedalling Divas!). The groups get reviewed periodically, we try to keep social groups together but we also bear in mind fitness and skill level. The social side of kids club is very important so we try not to separate friends if possible.

When we can we try and have a girls group, but all girls are also encouraged to ride with the main groups occasionally too as we feel this is good for both the boys and the girls.

Cancelling Kids Club …

We ride rain or shine but sometimes we do need to cancel and this can be at short notice. We’ll always aim to send an email out on the PCC forum by 8:30 on the Saturday morning.  For this reason it is a good idea to make sure your settings are such that you receive an email every time the forum is updated … unfortunately this does mean that you may also get emails from other sections of the club that you maybe aren’t interested in … sorry about that!

Insurance and Handbook

Insurance and Handbook

Insurance is notorious for its small print and so the information below is only a top-level description of the cover provided.  If you want to see the small print, then there are links to the policies attached.

Personal Insurance
All club riders are encouraged to obtain their own cycling insurance. The PCC does not provide this as part of your membership. There are numerous suppliers for this. British Cycling have 3 tiers of insurance Bronze, Siler and Gold. Please see the link below.

Race Bronze Membership – British Cycling

Insurance for the club and people acting on its behalf.
PCC takes out insurance to cover any liabilities that it may cause to a third party.  It does not cover any liabilities incurred by individuals.

The club covers itself with 2 policies: Scottish Cycling (British cycling) and CyclingUK.   Each have their own features: — 

Official, insured rides:  Cover by SC
Scottish Cycling https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/clubinsurance
This policy is a benefit of being registered with SC.  It covers the activities of the club and people acting on its behalf.  These activities must meet the BC best practice guidelines  Microsoft Word – BEST PRACTICE GUIDELINES.doc.    


PCC Handbook

It is essential that all new and existing members of PCC read the Cycling handbook. This allows a basic understanding of the activities we do and how to participate in them. Your membership is dependent on you having read and understood them.  See the link here.


Welfare and Child Protection

Peebles Cycling Club aims to be a club where riders young and old can enjoy their cycling safely.   There are certain responsibilities that we have as a club for the welfare of our members in particular the Under 18s and vulnerable adults.  As such we have two people identified in the club to help with any welfare/child protection related questions or concerns please contact either of the people below:


Welfare Officer: Amy Ferry email: amyvictoriaferry@gmail.com

Policy for U18s wishing to take part in PCC activities:

The aim is to provide information where under 18s wish to take part in activities that are not run specifically for children by qualified coaches and leaders. It is aimed at events such as club runs, club-confined time trials, chain gangs and turbo training sessions.

The attached document explains the policy and also includes a parental consent form that needs to be sent to the Welfare Officer and a small card that needs to be filled in and carried by the child to any of these activities. There is a link at the bottom of this page to the policy.

If your child wishes to take part in any of these upcoming activities, please could you fill out the form and send it to Amy, either emailed as a scan to amyvictoriaferry@gmail.com or contact to arrange drop off of a paper copy.

Popular Cycling Routes

Road Routes

Below is a list of road rides starting and finishing in Peebles with links to online maps courtesy of Kenny Davidson. Many are circular routes, varying in distance from 26 miles to 90 miles.

Please feel free to send us your route(s) for inclusion in the listing below if it isn’t already there.

PCC accept no responsibility for you and/or your grupetto getting lost or any other inconvenience howsoever caused.