Weekly Time Trials

Weekly time trials are organised throughout the summer from March to September and run under CTT regulations.

Entries are £3 per event. This includes insurance for members, visitors and organisers. PCC members are given priority for events but these are also open to any non PCC members. Everyone is welcome.

The Time Trials are not just for speed merchants trying to squeeze squeezing out every last second using the latest aero technology. Those new to time trialling or wishing to have a go to find out what they can achieve are also most welcome. There is plenty of advice and help available. Please come along and give it a go.

All the events are individual Time Trials over a range of distances and terrains which include: The Home Run- a 5 mile TT, The ever popular Stobo 10 Mile TT, 13 Miles Mini Meldons TT, 20 miles Shiplaw/Meldons TT and a 25 Miles TT, culminating in the annual Hill Climb at the end of the season.

Entry is via email to  peeblescctt@gmail.com

Please note that registration will start following the Thursday night event and will close on Wednesday evening at 18.00.

You have an entire week to register please don’t leave it until the morning of the event – its easier to remove a rider than to add one! If you have to cancel that’s fine.


The regulations of the TT’s in brief are as follows:

1. First-claim rules no longer apply as we are affiliated to CTT from season 2018.

2. Participation of all cyclists is at the riders own risk.

3. The Highway Code must be adhered to at all times. Helmets are compulsory. Riders shouldn’t use ipods etc. during events for obvious reasons.

4. CTT have stipulated that from 2020 rear lights are compulsory. No light no ride.

5. Drafting: Riders must ride entirely alone without assistance. You must not take shelter from any other rider or from any vehicles on the road. If you catch up with a rider ahead of you, pass as quickly as possible without trying to gain an advantage by drafting. Once passed, the onus of avoiding riding in company changes to the rider just overtaken who must then drop back by at least 10 meters before attempting any comeback at the overtaking rider (the distance increases to 25 meters in open events).

2020 events

Coming soon!

See 2019 results and schedule  below for an idea of our upcoming programme.

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2019 League results




Hill Climb