Tweed-Duro is a social event for Peebles Cycling Club members, a collection of three routes using mixed gravel and road between the glens surrounding Peebles

  1. Approx 21 miles / 2500 feet elevation gain, 2-3 hours ride time – DOWNLOAD GPX
  2. Approx 38 miles / 4300 feet elevation gain, 4-5 hours ride time – DOWNLOAD GPX

The routes are made up of sections of Forestry and wind farm gravel road, drove road and B class roads. Expect some varied surfaces from “classic” Border tarmac, some techy single track and some fast and furious gravel descents.

Tweed-Duro will run on Saturday April 27th 2024:

  • Start: rollout anytime from 09.30am at the Glentress Hotel Peebles you’ll be able to grab a coffee and roll before hand
  • Finish: afternoon or early evening at the Glentress Hotel Peebles for a drink, burger and some banter about the days riding!

You’d ideally ride this on a gravel bike with min 35mm tyres or an XC MTB.

The rides will have a number of Strava timed segments. The number of segments you do will be determined by the length of route you choose. There will be plenty of time for socialising on the non-timed sections.

Please note:
*There are no entry fees, no prizes and no support. You are entirely responsible for your own actions, only ride if you are comfortable with this (see entry rules).

The Routes

Click on the maps to download the GPX files

OS MAP - Route 1


This PCC set of rides is not a race but a reliability trial for riders or smaller groups riding without any dedicated assistance.  There are no officiators, no marshals, no ride leaders, no support but plenty of opportunity for good fun, adventure and exploration.



Entry rules:

  1. Riders are encouraged to ‘Leave No Trace’
  2. Please don’t cycle in a group of more than 6 people and always be courteous and give priority to walkers and horses.
  3. Every rider is responsible for his/her actions. Riders acknowledge that the PCC is a club run by volunteers with no experience in event management/risk mitigation and the GPS routes are untested prior to the event.  As such, the rider is responsible for his/her actions; Peebles Cycling Club itself carries no liability. .
  4. Riders should always consider safety first when making any decisions. Riders acknowledge they are riding on open roads/public rights of way.  ​Riders should observe all local traffic laws and act responsibly with regards to other users, especially pedestrians who may feel vulnerable to fast moving bikes. These rides are not races, it’s for the adventure! Make sure you have an appropriate back-up to your GPX / navigation device such as a paper, carry a fully charged mobile phone, and a back-up power bank.
  5. Cycling insurance is recommended.
  6. Cycle helmets, lights, reflective gear and fully functional bicycle are all recommended!
  7. Dress appropriately for the conditions and carry enough equipment/food to cope with unexpected stops/mechanicals.
  8. Riders agree that social media content posted in relation to the ride can be re-used by PCC in online posts with the intention of promoting the activities of the club, without prior consent of the rider. ​