The latest advice from Scottish Cycling, 24 August 2020:- 

Club and group rides / training in open spaces
Adults (over 18)

• Club rides can take place with up to 30 people from unlimited households.
• Club coaching sessions and led rides can now take place for groups of no more than 30 people, from an unlimited number of households. .
• Physical distancing is suspended for the duration of all club activity. Physical distancing must be maintained before and after the club activity.

Young People (17 and Under)

• Club coaching sessions can take place with unlimited numbers and no physical distancing however coaches must physically distance from participants.
• Coaches and other adults supporting organised activity should maintain physical distancing where possible, but it is recognised that this will not always be possible. In such circumstances the club Covid-19 Coordinator should consider appropriate mitigating actions as part of the risk assessment. 
• Physical distancing is not required during club activity.
• Participants aged 12 and over should maintain physical distancing before and after the activity.
• Participants aged 11 and under are not required to physically distance.
• Parents/guardians who are supervising their children should maintain physical distancing guidance and stay at least 2m away from those out with their own household.
• Groups of parents from different households should not congregate before, during or after the activity.

For more details please see below:-