Tour of Tweeddale Sportive

[Updated 3-April-2017]

****...Entries for 2017 Tour of Tweeddale now OPEN on Entry Central...****
This year's PCC Tour of Tweeddale event will be held on Sunday 27-August-2017

This is slightly earlier than usual to accommodate other local events, but hopefully this will still work for our band of Tour of Tweeddale regulars.

Last years 100 miler was a stonking success - you told us so - so we're keeping it unchanged, along with our perennial favourite 50 miler which takes in the climb at Talla. Both routes pass by at the Gordon Arms food stop as usual before continuing on their respective routes.

Your feedback after last years event was copious, overwhelming positive, but also very informative to us in where we can make some 'tweaks'. More details to follow, but rest assured we're keeping all the good bits !

So what's next...

#1 get the date in your diary (Sun 27-August 2017)

#2 if you are Facebook user, keep an eye on Peebles Cycling Club for updates and teasers

#3 Entries now OPEN on Entry Central Entries will open on Entry Central in early April

#4 Get out on your bike....

Best wishes....

PCC Tour of Tweeddale Team

Useful Links:
ToT Classique (the ‘wee wan’) - Everyone’s favourite 50 miler....and still featuring the Talla Linn hill climb test piece,the legendary Gordon Arms food stop and eyefuls of beautiful Borders countryside.

ToT Super Grande (the 'even bigger wan') - 100 miles of cycling loveliness...

ToT Advice Doc - please read in advance of participating in the ToT Event