PCC Youth Stage Race

Saturday 3rd September 2016

Welcome to the 6th PCC MTB Stage Race, this years race is over 1 day on 3rd September.

The club aims to repeat the phenomenal success of the previous years award winning events, a truly grass roots experience open to all young riders who want a taste of racing in a friendly exciting atmosphere. The stage race is open to riders from 6 to 16 years of age, riding one bike for all four stages. There will be prizes for all riders.

The format will be similar to previous years (please see below), but with 4 stages instead of 5, and on line entry is available via British Cycling website here


The event will be held within Glentress Forest, racing on a mixture of man made trails, fire roads and natural sections. Day one will consist of three stages, a cross country race followed by a hill climb and finally a downhill race. On day two the riders will compete in an individual timetrial and finish off in the afternoon on the fast and furious dirt crit circuit. All circuits will be closed to the public for the short duration of the races.

The event will be run from the Buzzards Nest car park where registration and bike checks will take place.

All races will be set at a level appropriate for the age categories and lots of encouragment and support will be given to every rider.

There are a few spaces left but please don't leave it until the final week as you will be disappointed if you miss out.

Any queries please contact Race Organiser Chris Wilkinson

Come and enjoy the experience...........


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PCC Stage Race Facebook feed
3 years ago

Top racing at the first dirt crit last night.
124 kids all seemed to have fun and ride fast.
If you are signed up for the stage race and fancy a preview of 1/4 of the stages then get yourself entered ... See more

3 years ago

For anyone coming to the PCC dirt crits, a bit of info.
The U10 category tomorrow is full so there will be no on the night entry. Other categories have a small number of entries available, first come ... See more

3 years ago

We have now passed the 100 mark!

3 years ago

The U10 and U12 are now full!!!
I have a waiting list open, so contact me if you want added to it.
I can't believe how fast this is filling up

3 years ago
PCC Dirt Crit

Same for the stage race. No gels please. Good nutrition and hydration before the day should mean no need for gels.

Dirt Crit Team will not tolerate any energy gels being given to or taken by children at our series. Please stick to haribo or jelly babies!

3 years ago

So BC got a wriggle on and opened the stage race. It's live now

3 years ago

First call for anyone who is willing to help with the organization of the stage race??

Anyone want to sponsor the event in some way??

3 years ago

just working on the paperwork now, hopefully we will be up and open on the BC site in a week or two

3 years ago

The PCC dirt crits are all open now on the BC website, why not wander along and enter??

4 years ago
PCC Dirt Crit

Whilst you are waiting, why not take a look at the new page dedicated to all things PCC dirt crit:


A page dedicated to the best kids mountain bike series race in the country!