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Impsport Orders

The Impsport online shop can be found here: (club login: PEEBCC1549)

Online & bulk orders
Road/XC kit
Downhill kit
Adult & kids sizings

Impsport Bulk order
If you can wait for your kit - you can join the next bulk kit order (we’ll aim to place one in March & September)

We'll aim to place bulk orders in March and September and the price paid will be dependent on the number of items in the order.  The more items in the order the bigger the discount. We'll send an email to club members on the google forum and club facebook group letting them know the dates of the bulk order window.

The bulk order price list for 2017 can be found here Cycling September 2017 Price List.

How to order

  • Visit the PCC club shop at the link above during the bulk order window
  • Select the items you want to order
  • Proceed to checkout and pay for items (reduced pricing will be applied)
  • You will not pay for postage
  • At the end of the bulk order window the order will be collated, manufactured and sent to a central PCC address for distribution among members.

For any queries on this process, or further information please contact Alison Caw.

Saddledrunk Orders

The Saddledrunk online shop can be found here: (password 'tallatalla').

Online orders
Road/XC kit
Adult sizings

For any queries on Saddledrunk please contact Kevin Chalmers.