Below you will find some of the most common questions we get asked about Peebles Cycling Club along with the answers. If you do not find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to get in touch by using the comment form on our contact page.

Question 1

I have recently moved into the area. I am a keen cyclist and interested to see what is available around this area. Is there a regular Saturday or Sunday cycle that takes place around the Peebles area? If so what are the distances and routes covered and what is the usual pace?

Answer 1

We do have a Saturday morning road ride. It's a case of turn up, see who else arrives and pick a route and pace to suit. They are usually out for approx 2 ½ to 3 hours and may ride anything up to 50-60 miles.

We also try and run more social road rides on ad adhoc basis where the pace is more considerate!

All rides are advertised through club comms, you'll find details of how to sign up for club comms in the joining email sent from EntryCentral.

Question 2

I understand you have a very active Kids MTB Club but I was wondering if you do anything for the older generation?

Answer 2

Yes we do run a weekly MTB ride on a Tuesday evening throughout the year come rain or shine or wind or snow.

Question 3

Do Peebles Cycling Club have weekly time trials I could take part in?

Answer 3

From March thro to Sept we run weekly time trials for first claim club members only on 10 - 25 mile circuits around Peebles area. We often host an Open TT during the summer that is open to all.

Question 4

Do I need to be a member of PCC to take part in the various rides and activities?

Answer 4

You are free to join in any rides as a guest, should you enjoy the company then we would welcome you to join the club and become more involved.

Question 5

I'm coming up to Peebles area for a short holiday soon and wondered if you could recommend any road routes?

Answer 5

We organise the Tour of Tweeddale sportif in September every year which has 50, 70 and 90 mile routes. You can obviously use these during your holiday or alternatively there are routes too numerous to mention all accessible straight from your accommodation in Peebles. You can find some selfguided routes here.

Question 6

I understand you have an excellent Kids Club can I bring my son along on Saturday to join in?

Answer 6

Unfortunately not, as you say it is excellent and as a result it is oversubscribed with a large mailing list for youngsters to join. You can add your name to the mailing list here.

We do however run other sessions for young riders who are waiting patiently to give them basic skills and confidence to go and ride with other family members and friends. Everyone on the waiting list will be informed of these when we set them up. Children that do not come along to our Saturday morning sessions are also welcome to join in our summer Dirt Crit series and our annual stage race.

Question 7

Is there a minimum age that I can add my childs name to the kids club mailing list?

Answer 7

Although any age can be added to the mailing list, we do not take youngsters younger than 7 years into kids club as their maturity and fitness below that age is not suited to the type of riding that we do.

Question 8

I would like my kids to join the Kids Club but I hear there is a long mailing list as you are short of leaders, I would be happy to bring the kids along and stay and help out. How do I get more involved and do I need any qualifications?

Answer 8

We wish the answer was a simple as that. If it was a case of more adults means more kids we could double the size of the club overnight. We currently have over 100 kids registered with us to ride on a Saturday morning of which up to 50 turn up regularly each week. Organising this is no small task and if we continually increased the size of the Kids Club to meet demand it would become unmanageable and we feel would not be the club it is today. It is a concern that we constantly address as to how we can accommodate more youngsters whilst maintaining a manageable section of the club. Sadly, as yet we have not found an ideal solution. However, we do periodically take on new leaders and assist with their SMBLA training to a minimum of TCL standard. After which they are able to ride alongside existing leaders taking full responsibility for groups of youngsters and ensuring we are able to sustain the future of the club. If you send us your details and a little about your cycling background we would be pleased to add your name to our list of potential leaders.

Question 9

How do I join PCC?

Answer 9

We have adult, junior and family memberships available on line at Entry Central

Question 10

What if my question isn't in your list, how do I best get in touch with you to get it answered?

Answer 10

Please visit our Contact Us page and select the appropriate email address to send your query