Carl’s Ride – Report by Ruaridh Johnson

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We organised Carl’s ride to remember a biking legend who did everything; from cleaning cuts to ringing the bell on the last lap of the Dirt Crit and Stage Race; he made sausage pie that was delicious; he helped us when we had a mechanical and that is why we brought everyone together and remembered him by doing what he liked best, which was riding his bike!

He was our biking Grandpa to us kids, so when he left we were very sad. Many of us wanted to go to the funeral but at school one of the kids said he was too young to go to the funeral so he had an idea on what to do. So when he got home he told his mum and made a list of all the things he wanted to do to remember Carl. Soon that idea would become reality, so they called someone else who was missing Carl and who he knew would like the idea and they had a first meeting and soon one became two and they then went to their parents and others from PCC and it was made real.

On the day he had to get up really early so that all the Easy-Ups could be ready for the BBQ that would happen after the ride, along with a dual slalom and treasure hunt. Soon lots and lots of people began to arrive and a photographer from the Peebleshire came to take lots of photo of us all. When we finally got started it took ages to get everybody moving as they were all so busy catching up and talking to old friends.

11695457_10153559917589750_5862885509962569289_nWe stopped lots on the way up and saw a huge snake of riders making their way up towards Buzzard’s Nest and on to the Mast. When we got up to the top we stopped at the start of Carl’s Lane, which is a new trail named after Carl. The leader read out some poems written by some of the kids and we hung some Tibetan prayer flags and other things in memory of Carl.

Then we all set off down Carl’s lane and on to Spooky Wood. It was a very successful ride and when we got to the bottom we had a massive BBQ. As a surprise we also had Allan playing the accordion for us to listen to. The weather held, although it rained at the top, it didn’t dampen our spirits. During the afternoon the sun shone and we had a dual slalom which the boy who had the idea won!

It was an amazing day, we all had fun for Carl and to think this all came from a little idea!
Tibetan prayer flags are to remember people who are gone. The flags may rot away but this shows that the spirits of the people gone are free to move on, leaving you to remember them.

So you can remember Carl and remember, be happy not sad.

Ruaridh Johnson

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