Maintaining Your Bike

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As all of you kids will know every PCC Kids club session on a Saturday morning starts with a basic “M” check, where as a group each child and leader checks the condition of their own bike to ensure that it is fit for purpose and safe to go out onto the trails.  We would ask you all to get your parents to do this at home as well prior to arriving on a Saturday morning in order that any little problems can be fixed prior to arrival.  The basic “M” check is as follows:

  1. Quick release skewers / wheels nuts are secure.
  2. Front wheel spokes (none broken or loose).
  3. Front tyre is inflated and has sufficient tread.
  4. Front brakes are properly adjusted and working.
  5. Handlebar is secure and properly aligned.
  6. Each end of the handlebar has a bar end plug. 
  7. No play in the headset.
  8. Pedals and Cranks are secure and that there is no play in the bottom bracket.
  9. Chain is appropriately lubricated.
  10. Seat post and seat are properly secured, aligned and at the correct height.
  11. Repeat steps 1 to 4 for rear wheel.  
  12. Gears are aligned and working.
  13. Finally pick the bike up about five centimetres from the ground and drop it listening for any strange noises which would indicate that something has come loose / is broken. 

 All of the above can be done systematically in the shape of the letter “M” to ensure that nothing is missed. 
In addition on a monthly basis it is good practice to clean the chain and sprockets with a chain cleaner and then lubricate.  Lubricate the brake and gear cables as well so that they run smoothly within the outer casings.  The components on a well lubricated bike last longer, whilst lubricated cables make it far easier to change gear / brake.       
If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to ask one of the PCC Kids Club leaders.  We may have a reputation of continually going on about bike maintenance, but we do not bite, unless of course you continually turn up with a bike that requires its tyres blowing up before we can get going!!  The more time that we spend in the car park blowing up tyres, oiling chains, adjusting breaks etc the less time we have out on the trails. 
Don’t forget that as a PCC member you can get 10% of a bike service at Alpine bikes.    

Lecture over, I am off to check my bike.    

Happy cycling.

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